Your Health Your Choice

Want to improve your health? Join Captain Create with Your Health Your Choice!

Your Health Your Choice

Do you need motivation to improve your health? Consider participating in our Your Health Your Choice initiative! From September till December of 2023 join Captain Create in making an effort to improve your health. Captain Create will demonstrate many examples of kid-friendly, creative ways to stay active and eat healthy on our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

This is a great initiative to do by yourself or share with others. Remember to invite your family and friends as you participate in these fun physical activity and healthy eating ideas!

Resources For Parents

If you and your family choose to participate in Your Health Your Choice and want to share it with us, use the hashtag #YourHealthYourChoice when you post your fun ideas to social media.

If you’d rather not post anything online, search #YourHealthYourChoice on social media to get inspiration. Enjoy learning healthy eating habits and exercise ideas through the end of this year!

Kids Create Utah is part of Utah’s Create Better Health SNAP-Ed program. For other ideas on how to participate in Your Health Your Choice, visit Create Better Health’s blog, Instagram and Facebook.