Resistance Training

Resistance training is all about muscles! When something causes your muscles to work harder, they grow stronger. Strong muscles can help you improve sport performance and also protect you from injuries that may occur during exercise. Strengthening muscles will also increase bone health. Resistance training can also be referred to as strength training. Resistance trainingContinue reading “Resistance Training”

Lentil Hummus

As people always say “hummus where the heart is” – or something like that. Hummus is typically made with chickpeas but its always fun to try something different! Today’s recipe is hummus made with lentils. I can only imagine that after the last blog post you’ve been dying for a recipe that uses lentils ­čśëContinue reading “Lentil Hummus”

Add Lentils To Your Life!

Any ideas on what section of MyPlate lentils would go in? I’ll give you a hint – lentils are considered legumes (all beans are in the legume family). Legumes are a good source of …… protein!┬áLentils may be small but they’re a great source of protein. To learn more about protein specifically, click here. LentilsContinue reading “Add Lentils To Your Life!”

Spanish Rice (Arroz Espa├▒ol)

Planning a fiesta? This easy rice dish is the one for you! Rice is a very common part of┬ámeals in Latin America, as well as in Spain. This recipe can be eaten by itself, or you could add it to a burrito or taco. Can you think of any other creative ways to use thisContinue reading “Spanish Rice (Arroz Espa├▒ol)”