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Lentil Hummus

As people always say "hummus where the heart is" - or something like that. Hummus is typically made with chickpeas but its always fun to try something different! Today's recipe is hummus made with lentils. I can only imagine that after the last blog post you've been dying for a recipe that uses lentils ;)… Continue reading Lentil Hummus

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Add Lentils To Your Life!

Any ideas on what section of MyPlate lentils would go in? I'll give you a hint - lentils are considered legumes (all beans are in the legume family). Legumes are a good source of ...... protein! Lentils may be small but they're a great source of protein. To learn more about protein specifically, click here. Lentils… Continue reading Add Lentils To Your Life!


Spanish Rice (Arroz Español)

Planning a fiesta? This easy rice dish is the one for you! Rice is a very common part of meals in Latin America, as well as in Spain. This recipe can be eaten by itself, or you could add it to a burrito or taco. Can you think of any other creative ways to use this… Continue reading Spanish Rice (Arroz Español)