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Eat in Season: Cherry & Beet Smoothie

Guess what grows really well in Utah... That's right! Beets and Cherries both grow well here! Combining them into a smoothie might seem a little bit different, but that is what makes it fun! Look how easy, and how pretty this smoothie is! It is only 4 easy to find ingredients and a few minutes… Continue reading Eat in Season: Cherry & Beet Smoothie


Recipe of the Week: Holiday Drinks

Hydration is important in the winter, and even though water is your body's favorite way to hydrate, there are other fun drinks you can include in your holiday celebrations to keep yourself hydrated and full of energy. Whether your drinks are hot or cold, be sure to have fun with them! Little kids love to… Continue reading Recipe of the Week: Holiday Drinks

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Time to Recover!! // Smoothie Round-Up

Have you tried any of Captain Create's exercises yet? He has some fantastic suggestions for exercises you can do in your house this winter! When we exercise, it is important to recover with healthy foods. Foods with proteins and carbohydrates are the most important foods to focus on. Smoothies can be a tasty, easy way… Continue reading Time to Recover!! // Smoothie Round-Up