Recipe of the Week: Vegetable Farro Soup

Autumn has officially begun, and that means the beginning of one of Captain Create’s favorite seasons: SOUP SEASON! Warm days, pretty leaves, and crisp evenings make autumn ideal for serving soup for dinner. Not only can all cooks take advantage of all the harvest has to offer, cooks can also cook once and eat twice!Continue reading “Recipe of the Week: Vegetable Farro Soup”

Recipe of the Week: Roasted Beet & Bean Dip

This week Captain Create has a tasty snack recipe for you that is bright pink and packed with nutrition! Family Mealtime Month is a great time to try out new fun recipes, and help build healthy habits for the whole family. This tasty Roasted Beet & Bean dip recipe will help everyone (even the grownContinue reading “Recipe of the Week: Roasted Beet & Bean Dip”

Recipe of the Week: Pasta alla Norma

This week, Captain Create was gifted an eggplant from a neighbor’s garden. What in the world do you do with an eggplant?! The Italians have lots of great ideas, because eggplants grow really well there. From grilled slices, to layers in lasagna, to crispy fritters, eggplant is part of Italian summer cuisine almost as muchContinue reading “Recipe of the Week: Pasta alla Norma”

Recipe of the Week : Pear-fect Glazed Chicken

Does your store have an Ugly Food bin? Mine does, and I find all sorts of treasures there for a lower price! This time I found ugly Bartlett pears. There’s nothing wrong with the nutrition or flavor of ugly food, it just doesn’t look like the picture perfect food that stores like to have onContinue reading “Recipe of the Week : Pear-fect Glazed Chicken”

Recipe of the Week: Create a Smoothie!

Mornings are still a little bit wild at our house, so to get ready for homework time, we make a good breakfast! The smallest person at our house loves running the blender because she gets to push the buttons, and I love smoothies because there are NO RULES! We do have some suggestions to keepContinue reading “Recipe of the Week: Create a Smoothie!”

Recipe of the week: Black Bean Tacos

Does your store look like mine this week?! We stayed home and made up dinner from random stuff we had in our cupboard, and you can too! Cooking without a recipe can be a little bit scary, so its easiest to start with something you know and change it just a little bit. Since theContinue reading “Recipe of the week: Black Bean Tacos”