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Pick Apart a Pomegranate // Holiday Parfait

Have you ever seem a pomegranate? Have you ever eaten the tiny, juicy seeds of a pomegranate? They're a little bit different looking on the inside, but this tasty fruit is packed with vitamins like: Vitamin C. Vitamin K. Iron. Calcium. Potassium. Folate and pomegranates are in season in the winter! Getting all the arils… Continue reading Pick Apart a Pomegranate // Holiday Parfait


Fresh and Delicious // Winter Fruits

Did you know wintertime is the best time for fruits like oranges and pomegranates to grow? That might seem pretty crazy since fruits and vegetables don't grow well in Utah during the winter, but it's true! Places with warmer climates, like Florida, Arizona, and California, grow fruit that thrives in the winter. Let's learn more!… Continue reading Fresh and Delicious // Winter Fruits


Frozen Yogurt Pomegranate Bark

On the last blog post we learned about the awesomeness of pomegranates and today we are creating a yummy treat with pomegranates! It may be chilly outside but that won't stop you and your family/friends from wanting to eat this frozen treat. The recipe today is called Frozen Yogurt Pomegranate Bark - sounds and tastes… Continue reading Frozen Yogurt Pomegranate Bark

Ingredient Highlight


Pomegranates start showing up in grocery stores at the end of November and early December. This time of year is when pomegranates are in season, meaning they're super juicy and delicious! In french the word pomegranate translates to "apple with many seeds" - makes sense! The seeds inside a pomegranate are called arils - arils… Continue reading Pomegranate!