Mouthwatering Mozzarella

Do you develop an Italian accent when you say the word mozzarella or is that just me? Either way, its a fun word to say and a tasty food to eat! Mozzarella is a dairy product, click here to learn more about the benefits of eating dairy. Mozzarella comes from Italy and is made outContinue reading “Mouthwatering Mozzarella”

Awesome Aerobics

Aerobic exercise makes your heart happy! When you do aerobic exercise your heart beats faster – this helps make your heart strong. A strong heart is good at supplying the rest of your body with the oxygen it needs to work well. Aerobic exercise is sometimes called cardio exercise. The word aerobic means “with air”.Continue reading “Awesome Aerobics”

Apple-y Ever After

Hello, hello! It’s a brand new week with a new set of family mealtime fun! Comment below and tell me how many meals you have done so far this month with your family! Also how many bingo squares have you done?? While you are celebrating all of this family mealtime fun, lets highlight our nextContinue reading “Apple-y Ever After”