Recipe of the Week: Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

This Mediterranean quinoa salad is delicious! Quinoa is a grain not many of us use in our day to day, but here are some reasons why we should! Quinoa's Special Qualities The first question I usually get about quinoa is how it's pronounced: "keen-waa" The spelling of the word really is different than the pronunciation,… Continue reading Recipe of the Week: Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

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Happy New Year!! // 20 Recipes for 2020

How are you celebrating the new year? Are you playing games, watching movies, or having a dance party? What food are you eating? In honor of 2020, Captain Create has 20 of our favorite recipes to share with you! Try them today and throughout the new year! Pear and Cheese QuesadillaFrozen Yogurt Pomegranate BarkZucchini Pizza… Continue reading Happy New Year!! // 20 Recipes for 2020

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Holiday Food Fun // Reindeer Sandwich

Sandwiches are one of the best ways to eat a balanced meal! Sandwiches are made with two pieces of bread. This counts as our grain. Between the two slices of bread, we like to layer protein sources, like cheese and meat, with spinach, tomatoes, and all sorts of other vegetables! There are many ways to… Continue reading Holiday Food Fun // Reindeer Sandwich

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Whole Grains! // Simple Ways to Boost Nutrition

Sometimes you may be faced with the choice of eating white bread or wheat bread. We understand it can be a tough dough-cision! Most of the time, we should choose to eat foods made with whole-grains. Using all parts of the grain will give you more nutrients to keep you healthy and strong! Whole-grains are… Continue reading Whole Grains! // Simple Ways to Boost Nutrition

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Fall Spice and Everything Nice // Pumpkin Granola Bars

Nothing screams FALL quite like some pumpkin flavored goodies! Using pumpkin puree is tasty and healthy. When you use the puree, you can use less oil or butter in your recipe. The best part is that you won't notice one bit! Today we're going to make some soft and chewy Pumpkin Granola Bars. These are… Continue reading Fall Spice and Everything Nice // Pumpkin Granola Bars


Let’s Eat!! // MyPlate Guide to School Lunch

Eating a balanced and healthy school lunch is possible whether you bring your own food from home, or eat at the school cafeteria! The trick is to include foods from as many food groups as you can. Learn about each of the 5 food groups below: If you eat school lunch, each of these food… Continue reading Let’s Eat!! // MyPlate Guide to School Lunch


Mexican Quinoa

Time for a recipe that you can eat as a side dish or as the main meal. As mentioned in the last post - quinoa is a complete protein. All the amino acids (what protein is made of) that your body needs are found in quinoa. Cool! This recipe is full of flavor! To make… Continue reading Mexican Quinoa

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Crazy about Quinoa!

You may have heard of quinoa but have you ever given it a taste? If not, hopefully after reading this blog post you'll want to go find some quinoa to try! Quinoa has become rather popular over the last 5-10 years in the United States but its actually been around for centuries! Quinoa originates from… Continue reading Crazy about Quinoa!


Overnight Blueberry Oatmeal

Are you ever in a hurry in the morning? Maybe you don't always have time to sit down for breakfast? If that is the case, this is the recipe for you! This recipe should be prepared at night, so that it is ready to go in the morning! It's easy to make and delicious! For… Continue reading Overnight Blueberry Oatmeal

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Just ‘oat’ and ‘ab-oat’

Review this post about oats and keep an eye out for a new oat recipe this week! Today we get to highlight oats! Oats are one of those ingredients that get overlooked sometimes, but can be used in so many ways. Sweet, savory, and everything in-between. All oats you buy from the store start off… Continue reading Just ‘oat’ and ‘ab-oat’

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Flour Power!

If you love baking or if you just bake every once in awhile, the chances are, you have used some type of flour. Breads, cookies, dinner rolls, cakes, you name it - each are hard to make without flour! Did you know that there are several different types of flour? If you've ever baked anything… Continue reading Flour Power!


Creative Creations – Grains

Before we learn more about cooking and eating grains check out all these recipes from the blog! Peach Muffins Spanish Rice Applesauce Bread Peanut Butter Energy Bites Homemade Bread 3 Ingredient Pancakes Waffled Cornbread

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Grains are Great

This month we're moving on from dairy and onto GRAINS! What would we do without grains? Probably sleep a lot because grains are a great source of energy! Are you wondering why? Keep reading to find out! Grains Grains are important because they are a main source for many B vitamins as well as carbohydrates… Continue reading Grains are Great