Affordable Gardening

Affordable Garden Update: Planting!

Have the desire to grow a garden, but don’t have the space or a large budget? Follow along with Captain Create this Summer to learn money saving gardening tips. At the end of the harvest, we will learn to cook healthy meals with what grew! Exercise And Gardening Exercise is so important for bodies to… Continue reading Affordable Garden Update: Planting!


Recipe of the week: Onion Flowers

Need a creative way to eat vegetables? Try this delicious recipe! When I first saw this onion flower recipe, it reminded me so much of Springtime. Right now in Northern Utah it doesn't feel much like Spring (it snows here every week still), but soon the whole state will be in the full swing of… Continue reading Recipe of the week: Onion Flowers


Recipe of the Week: Colorful Eggs Goldenrod

This fun recipe is a great family activity and way to use Easter leftovers! Dyeing easter eggs has always been an Easter tradition in my family. We love to dye the eggs the night before the Easter Bunny comes, and then use the colorful eggs for eggs goldenrod Easter morning. I love doing this because… Continue reading Recipe of the Week: Colorful Eggs Goldenrod


The Best Time of the Year // Free Wintertime Family Fun

Can you believe it's already December? December is a fun month full of snowmen, holiday traditions, breaks from school, and most of all - family fun! Having fun with your family doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, there are many free activities in Utah your family can explore this year! Click here… Continue reading The Best Time of the Year // Free Wintertime Family Fun

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Better Together // Create Family Mealtime

In September, we celebrate family mealtime! Eating together as a family is fun and helps your family be healthier. Sometimes it's hard to eat together as a family, between work, school, and other activities. But finding time to spend with your parents and siblings will give you memories that last a lifetime. As a kid,… Continue reading Better Together // Create Family Mealtime


Kids Can Cook! // Get the Whole Family Involved

Cooking by yourself is FUN, but cooking with your family is a BLAST. Everyone can do something to help! Use the chart below to find out what you and your siblings can do to help in the kitchen: When planning your meals, think about using some of these family friendly recipes where everyone can play… Continue reading Kids Can Cook! // Get the Whole Family Involved


Meet Me at the Market // 5 Delicious June Veggies

Have you ever been to a farmers' market? Farmers' markets are fun places where farmers can sell delicious fruits and vegetables to people like you! They usually happen at a park or other community center during the summertime. People like shopping at farmers' markets so they can buy fruits and vegetables that taste fresh and… Continue reading Meet Me at the Market // 5 Delicious June Veggies

Physical Activity

Let’s Go Exploring // Hiking Snacks, Tips, and Trails Near You

No matter where you live in Utah, there's a trail for you and your family to explore! Hiking is a great way to have fun, be active, and make some memories! In order to have the best experience possible, you'll want to do a couple of key things: #1 Pack snacks - hiking makes you… Continue reading Let’s Go Exploring // Hiking Snacks, Tips, and Trails Near You

Physical Activity

Planting a Vegetable Garden!

Have you or your family ever grown a vegetable garden? Planting vegetables and watching them grow can be a lot of fun. πŸ˜„ My favorite part of growing a garden is being able to eat fresh veggies from my backyard! Do you remember the blog post about how to grow tomatoes last spring? Click here… Continue reading Planting a Vegetable Garden!

Ingredient Highlight

Say Yes to Yogurt

This month we have talked about milk and cheese, so naturally the next thing to talk about is yogurt! Yogurt is a creamy, nutrient-packed ingredient that people love. There's a good chance that you have tried yogurt before, but did you know how healthy it is and how many dozens of different ways you can… Continue reading Say Yes to Yogurt


Happy New Year!

This time of year people like to make goals/resolutions that will help them have a successful year. Have you made any new year resolutions yet? The 3 most common goals that people make are: Eat healthierExercise moreSave money There is one problem that each of these goals have in common - do you know what… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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#12 of 12 Days of Kids Create

We have reached the final day of The 12 Days of Kids Create! What was your favorite day? Today we're finishing up with a few tips on how to keep celebrations happy, healthy, and active! Check out the list below to see how you can make the holidays even better. 😁 Happy Holidays!


#11 of 12 Days of Kids Create

Christmas is the most common winter holiday celebrated in the United States but there are a lot of other holiday celebrations this time of year! Today we're going to learn about a few holidays celebrated by different cultures and religions this time year! Menorah Hanukkah: an eight day and night Jewish holiday that falls between… Continue reading #11 of 12 Days of Kids Create


#10 of 12 Days of Kids Create

This time of year tends to include lots of baking - cookies, pies, cakes, and more cookies! πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ Bake the perfect batch of cookies by using the tips reviewed in the video below! There are 10 tips because today is the 10th day of Kids Create! Have fun baking!