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Tip of the Week: Eat in Season

Winter is a tough season for most fruits and vegetables, but not for citrus fruits! They grow in warmer places than Utah, like Southern California and Florida, but we still get to take advantage of all they have to offer us! The citrus family of fruit includes a lot of the usual fruit we expect,… Continue reading Tip of the Week: Eat in Season

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Eat in Season: Cherry & Beet Smoothie

Guess what grows really well in Utah... That's right! Beets and Cherries both grow well here! Combining them into a smoothie might seem a little bit different, but that is what makes it fun! Look how easy, and how pretty this smoothie is! It is only 4 easy to find ingredients and a few minutes… Continue reading Eat in Season: Cherry & Beet Smoothie

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Eat in Season: Citrus

Winter in the northern hemisphere means its citrus season closer to the equator! Florida, for example, grows a lot of citrus fruits during the long hot summer, and by the time snow falls in Utah, the oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, pomelo, and mandarin oranges are ready to pick and ship to you! Each one has… Continue reading Eat in Season: Citrus

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Eat in Season: Swiss Chard

Cooler weather means many garden harvests are through, but sturdier plants like swiss chard are still holding their own! These green leafy vegetables are a little tougher than delicate lettuces, so they'll grow outside a little bit later in the cold Utah autumn, and they taste great! Red stemmed chard is pretty common, but it… Continue reading Eat in Season: Swiss Chard