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You are the ‘Peanut’ to my ‘Butter’

Remember this post? It's from over a year ago but it highlights an excellent source of protein - peanut butter! 🥜🥜🥜 Peanut butter was likely made by Myan Indians many years ago, but the first time it was introduced to the United States was at the St Louis World Fair in 1904. A physician had… Continue reading You are the ‘Peanut’ to my ‘Butter’

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Creative Creations with Protein!

Veggie Omelet Muffins Summertime Corn Salad Red Lentil Hummus Turkey Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Nutty Crunch Fruit Dip Smashed Chickpea Dip 2 step Roasted Edamame Mix (with chickpeas)

Ingredient Highlight

The Protein Group

Its protein month! So far this year we've learned about grains and dairy, now we're moving on to protein! Woohoo! 🍳🍗🥩🍤😋 Protein It is good to have a little protein at each meal because not only does it have some important vitamins and minerals, but it also breaks down into 'building blocks' to build up… Continue reading The Protein Group