Garden Update! Plus: Make your fruits and veggies last longer!

Hi! Did you start your garden yet? Our tiny egg carton garden is just getting some tiny leaves poking up, and our big tray of tomato starts had to get planted into bigger pots! We also started a bunch of herbs this morning, so all you can see it dirt so far. Everything lives inContinue reading “Garden Update! Plus: Make your fruits and veggies last longer!”

Spooky Fruits // Banana Ghosts & Orange Pumpkins

Are you and your friends hungry for an after-school snack? These spooky fruit creations will do just the trick! You’ll need some oranges, celery, bananas, and chocolate chips. Next, peel the oranges and bananas. Then, thinly slice the celery into small sticks and cut the bananas in half. Place two chocolate chips for ghost eyesContinue reading “Spooky Fruits // Banana Ghosts & Orange Pumpkins”

Drumroll Please // Meet Captain Create!

Hey kids! Meet Captain Create, our blog’s very own superhero! Captain Create likes to teach us about MyPlate. He knows a lot about being healthy, eating from the five food groups, and being physically active. Every month, Captain Create will give us tips and tricks that will help us be healthier! Keep your eyes outContinue reading “Drumroll Please // Meet Captain Create!”