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Harvest of the Season Recipe Highlight: Bean Burrito Bowl with Elote

Our Ag in the Classroom friends have a tasty recipe to share today, and its easy to make too! It can be made at home, or in bigger batches for parties, or eve school lunch! Its got all the good bits you usually find in a burrito, plus a tasty corn salad based on a… Continue reading Harvest of the Season Recipe Highlight: Bean Burrito Bowl with Elote


Nasaump // Native American Porridge

Around this time of year, it's fun to talk about the pilgrims and what they ate for their first Thanksgiving meal. Native American Indians were the ones who showed the pilgrims the best kinds of food to eat in America. Native Americans were kind and very resourceful. They knew where to find and plant the… Continue reading Nasaump // Native American Porridge

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It’s A Bit “Chili” Out // 3 Bean Monster Chili

How many of you have noticed it getting colder this month? How would you describe the weather? Crisp? Brisk? Nippy? Chilly? Well, whatever you decide, a nice warm bowl of our 3 Bean Monster Chili is just what you need as the temperatures continue to drop this October! Not only does chili help warm your… Continue reading It’s A Bit “Chili” Out // 3 Bean Monster Chili


Kids Can Cook! // Get the Whole Family Involved

Cooking by yourself is FUN, but cooking with your family is a BLAST. Everyone can do something to help! Use the chart below to find out what you and your siblings can do to help in the kitchen: When planning your meals, think about using some of these family friendly recipes where everyone can play… Continue reading Kids Can Cook! // Get the Whole Family Involved

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Summer Barbecues // A Handy Tool

The air is warming, the days are getting longer, and you may have smelt that sweet smell of the barbecue on your family's Sunday walk....mmmm. Now I'm getting hungry! Barbecues get me thinking about hamburgers and grilled chicken (of course served with some fresh fruits and vegetables)! Meat is part of the protein group and… Continue reading Summer Barbecues // A Handy Tool


Summertime Corn Salad

You don't need to be a cornivore to enjoy this recipe, you just have to like tasty food! This recipe is great for summer because most of the ingredients are harvested in the summer. It's also a cool snack for a hot day. For this recipe you'll need corn, zucchini, black beans, jalapeno, lime, and… Continue reading Summertime Corn Salad

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Simple and Sweet Corn

Question: What did the corn say when it was complimented? Answer: Aw, shucks! Do you get it? I admit, that was kind of a corny joke. 😛 We're about halfway through summer and we have learned about a lot of different fruits and vegetables - broccoli, rhubarb, green peas, radishes, raspberries, beets, and now, corn!… Continue reading Simple and Sweet Corn