Cantaloupe Freezie

It is HOT outside! Cool down by trying out today's recipe. Not only is this beverage refreshing but it also contains a whole serving of fruit. 🙂 Look back at the last post to learn more about why cantaloupe is awesome! For a Cantaloupe Freezie you'll need, crushed ice, cantaloupe, orange juice, sugar, and lemon… Continue reading Cantaloupe Freezie

Ingredient Highlight

Cool Down with Cantaloupe

Trying to beat the summer heat? About 90% of cantaloupe is water, which means it will help you feel hydrated on hot summer days. Once you have one bite, you'll want to eat the rest of the melon. Cantaloupe has an interesting history. Ancient Egyptians were eating cantaloupe over 4,000 years ago! Over the years, cantaloupe… Continue reading Cool Down with Cantaloupe