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Nutrition Tip of the Week: Love those Beans!

Happy Valentine's Day! February is also American Heart Month so we've got some low-cholesterol recipes to share! We want to keep all the hearts in the family healthy and beating well for a long time! Captain Create loves to eat beans! They are an excellent source of protein from plants. Beans are high in minerals… Continue reading Nutrition Tip of the Week: Love those Beans!

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It’s A Bit “Chili” Out // 3 Bean Monster Chili

How many of you have noticed it getting colder this month? How would you describe the weather? Crisp? Brisk? Nippy? Chilly? Well, whatever you decide, a nice warm bowl of our 3 Bean Monster Chili is just what you need as the temperatures continue to drop this October! Not only does chili help warm your… Continue reading It’s A Bit “Chili” Out // 3 Bean Monster Chili

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Potato, Po-Ta-Toe // Rainbow Nachos

Many people are confused by the potato. Is it a vegetable, a grain, or a fruit? Are potatoes healthy or unhealthy? In honor of the potato's national holiday, let's dig a little deeper into the topic. Potatoes are part of the "starchy" vegetable group. Starchy vegetables have more carbohydrates than other vegetables. Carbohydrates give our… Continue reading Potato, Po-Ta-Toe // Rainbow Nachos