Nutty Crunch Fruit Dip

  Today’s recipe is quick, crunchy, and delicious! Keep reading for a simple creation that can be used as a colorful breakfast, or filling summer snack. You will need four ingredients… 1. NUTS. Any nuts will do, our favorites are almonds and walnuts. Nuts are packed with protein, which means they keep you feeling full and readyContinue reading “Nutty Crunch Fruit Dip”

That was a “Waffle” lot of fun!

My daughter loves french toast. It is one of her favorite foods. The first thing she does when it comes off the griddle is smash in the middle so the syrup has somewhere to go. I solved that problem for her–I waffled french toast :)! Now there are plenty of little pockets for syrup orContinue reading “That was a “Waffle” lot of fun!”