Here’s my number, so ‘Kale’ me maybe?

Have you heard? Wednesday is National Kale Day! Over the past few years Kale has become famous for its ‘superfood’ components, but what does this all mean? Why are people so eager to jump on the kale wagon? Well my friends, Kale is more than what meets the eye. Try it 3 different ways andContinue reading “Here’s my number, so ‘Kale’ me maybe?”

Family Mealtime= Better Grades?!

Didn’t realize that having a meal with your family would improve your grades in school did you?! Well it will! The more meals you have with your family, the more your brain develops communication and critical thinking skills. Talking with your family with healthy food in front of you can also can boost your moodContinue reading “Family Mealtime= Better Grades?!”

The Many Faces of Family Mealtime

How are the mealtime pledges coming along? (check out the post from September 1st for more details) If you haven’t started, we are still early in the month so do not fret! Family Mealtime doesn’t just have to be a fancy dinner at the table They can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner They can beContinue reading “The Many Faces of Family Mealtime”

Scrumptious Strawberry Sorbet

As promised, we have a delicious recipe that will be a fun dessert for one of your family meals this week! Everyone will be amazed by your culinary skills after trying this! The great thing about this recipe is that there are only 4 ingredients: frozen strawberries, sugar, buttermilk, and lemon juice! First add theContinue reading “Scrumptious Strawberry Sorbet”