Around the World in 80 Plates: Japan for Miso Soup

The Japanese are famous for being one of the healthiest nations in the world! They eat a lot of yummy things including fish, all the fruits and veggies, plus rice and noodles. They also value exercise, working as a team, and enjoying traditional foods from their long history. Japan is a long thin island nearContinue reading “Around the World in 80 Plates: Japan for Miso Soup”

Nutrition Tip of the Week: Hydrate in the Heat

It is a HOT HOT SUMMER out there folks, and staying hydrated is a great way to stay happy and healthy! But Captain Create, how much water do I need? There is no “magic number” to tell us exactly how much water anyone needs in a day; 8 glasses a day is a myth! ChildrenContinue reading “Nutrition Tip of the Week: Hydrate in the Heat”

Around the Plates in 80 Plates: Greece

Captain Create is out and about in his hot air balloon today, and has landed in the sunny Mediterranean country of Greece! The written history of Greece goes back about as far as any history can go, and we owe a lot of modern science, stories, and politics to those careful authors and historians. GreeceContinue reading “Around the Plates in 80 Plates: Greece”

Top 5 Ways to Upgrade a Hamburger

A hamburger is a classic summertime meal and there are lots of delicious upgrades to add variety and nutrition to your next BBQ or family dinner! Get a toasted whole grain bun and start stacking up the flavor at your next cookout or family dinner. Try these combinations, or CREATE YOUR OWN perfect burger. WhatContinue reading “Top 5 Ways to Upgrade a Hamburger”

Around the World in 80 Plates: A Salsa Tour of Mexico!

We all know and love salsa, which is one of the most famous Mexican foods around the world. There are more salsa recipes than ever before, and it is easy to make a recipe your very own. Different states in Mexico have different salsa recipes because their land, food, and weather is different too. ThisContinue reading “Around the World in 80 Plates: A Salsa Tour of Mexico!”

Nutrition Tip of the Week: Cook Once, Eat Twice!

Have you gotten stuck in a summer lunch rut already? It’s easy to do when your schedule changes and you don’t want to eat the same ham and cheese sandwich every day for lunch. Captain Create’s time saving tip that can help you spend more time enjoying the summer weather and less time cooking isContinue reading “Nutrition Tip of the Week: Cook Once, Eat Twice!”

What’s For Dinner Wednesday- Veggie Pizzas!

Need a quick and easy dinner any kid can help put together!? How about a build-it-yourself pizza? If you have a pizza crust, then great! Use that! If that is not something you’ve got already, you could build mini pizzas on a flatbread or english muffin or even a bagel. Smaller humans love to helpContinue reading “What’s For Dinner Wednesday- Veggie Pizzas!”

It is National Cherry Cobbler Day!

We’d better make a cobbler to celebrate! Do you know what cobbler is? Cobbler is a fruit and dough dish that was created by the immigrants that moved to the American Colonies in the late 18th century.1 They were used to making suet puddings in England, but once they moved all the way across theContinue reading “It is National Cherry Cobbler Day!”

May The 4th Be With You // DIY Fruit Lightsabers

No matter whose side you’re on, these easy and yummy fruit lightsabers are a great way to use the force on this silly, but very important, pop culture holiday. You can make the lightsaber of your favorite character, or join a side based on how tasty their color is, and don’t forget the dip! ThisContinue reading “May The 4th Be With You // DIY Fruit Lightsabers”