Around the World In 80 Plates: Liguria, Italy

Captain Create is Genoa, on the famous Italian Riviera in Liguria learning how to make a pasta shape known as TROFIE. Its a hand-rolled pasta, and a lot of fun to make! Its name comes from a Greek word for “nourishment.” Trofie are almost always served with fresh basil pesto (Captain Create has a recipeContinue reading “Around the World In 80 Plates: Liguria, Italy”

Recipe of the Week: Create a Skillet Meal

When the whole family helps to plan the meal, the whole family will have more fun cooking and eating dinner together! Casseroles are an easy way to use up foods you already have on hand, or to take advantage of some leftovers. Getting everyone in the family involved also means they are more likely toContinue reading “Recipe of the Week: Create a Skillet Meal”

Around the World in 80 Plates: Brazil for Feijoada and Pão de Queijo

Ola from Brazil! Today Captain Create is in Rio de Janeiro, the former capital of Brazil. In Colonial times, this coastal city was the hub of all commerce and activity because ocean travel was the only way to get in and out to go far away. (No airplanes in the 18th century!) As you canContinue reading “Around the World in 80 Plates: Brazil for Feijoada and Pão de Queijo”

Recipe of the Week: Whole Wheat Bread

Captain Create has a fun family recipe for you all to try this week, and his friend B has demonstrated it for us! Do you remember how many servings from the grains group you need try to eat each day? That’s right! 6 servings may sound like a lot, but one slice of sandwich breadContinue reading “Recipe of the Week: Whole Wheat Bread”

Tip of the Week: Keep Beautiful Bananas

Bananas are a delicious serving of fruit, and an easy fruit to pack for lunch. They’re full of potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. No matter if they are green or so ripe the peels are brown and spotty, they are yummy in a lot of different recipes! Here are some tips to get theContinue reading “Tip of the Week: Keep Beautiful Bananas”

Around the World in 80 Plates: Juneau, Alaska

Alaska is a huge place, and there is no way to say “this one meal is the best Alaskan food”! There are five groups of Alaska Natives that are divided by the area they live. Today Captain Create is in Juneau, in the southeast, to see the ocean, tall mountains, a glacier, and to learnContinue reading “Around the World in 80 Plates: Juneau, Alaska”

Recipe of the Week: Create a Pizza!/ Hacer una Pizza!

Making pizza is a great way to create Family Mealtime and get creative while staying healthy. How many things can you put on a pizza? It only depends on how big it is. Captain Create loves making pizza because you can fill up all the sections on MyPlate by carefully choosing what to add toContinue reading “Recipe of the Week: Create a Pizza!/ Hacer una Pizza!”

Share the LOVE with breakfast!

Making breakfast before school, or work, is a good habit to have and helps you to have a better day and stay healthy! Eating a healthy breakfast can help your brain work better, help you remember more, keep you from missing school, and be happier more often. Who wouldn’t want to share that love withContinue reading “Share the LOVE with breakfast!”

Time to Recover!! // Smoothie Round-Up

Have you tried any of Captain Create’s exercises yet? He has some fantastic suggestions for exercises you can do in your house this winter! When we exercise, it is important to recover with healthy foods. Foods with proteins and carbohydrates are the most important foods to focus on. Smoothies can be a tasty, easy wayContinue reading “Time to Recover!! // Smoothie Round-Up”

Sunny-side Up Tacos // Enrich Your Diet with Vitamin D

On Monday we talked about the importance of vitamin D. Since it can be hard to get enough vitamin D during the winter months, it is important to include food sources of this vitamin in your diet. Egg yolks have good amounts of vitamin D, and will be used to make our delicious breakfast tacosContinue reading “Sunny-side Up Tacos // Enrich Your Diet with Vitamin D”