I’ve ‘Bean’ thinking of you!

Hi all! Today is the day that we start highlighting ingredients! As we learn about more and more ingredients, you can go to ‘ingredient exploration’ under the ‘Recipes’ tab, and look up fun facts, tips, and recipes for each ingredient. So let’s begin! Today we are featuring a classic ingredient: beans! Beans are a greatContinue reading “I’ve ‘Bean’ thinking of you!”

25 Creative Foods for Summertime Grilling

One of my favorite parts of summer is pulling out the grill and having some family fun. The great thing about having a healthy lifestyle is how CREATIVE you get to be! Grills aren’t just for burgers and hot dogs! Heat things up with these 25 creative options. Who says we can’t bring healthy andContinue reading “25 Creative Foods for Summertime Grilling”

Summertime Fun

It’s mid-summer and the temperatures are rising! These clear and sun-shining days are the perfect time to be active with friends and family. Did you know that it is recommended to participate in an average of 60 minutes of moderate to intense activity every day?? Staying active while growing helps… -Improve mood through hormonal changesContinue reading “Summertime Fun”