New Year SMART goals

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and are ready to jump back into school! You have probably heard everyone making their ‘New Years Resolutions’. Everyone is excited at the beginning of the year and wants to become healthier, but we also know that most people don’t end up achieving their resolutions!Continue reading “New Year SMART goals”

Edamame- It’s ‘soy’ good!

If you haven’t tried this delicious ingredient before, it’s time to ask mom and dad for a trip to the grocery store. Edamame (or soybeans) have been in many dishes for hundreds and hundreds of years in East Asia, and in the past couple decades it has gained popularity around the world! Did you know?Continue reading “Edamame- It’s ‘soy’ good!”

Cranberry Feta Pinwheels

Remember our antioxidant rich fruit of the week? Get ready to try a delicious snack using dried cranberries. Note to the cook: Remember, cranberries are naturally tart fruits so companies will add a LOT of sugar when drying them, making them not so healthy anymore. So… when you pick up a bag of dried cranberriesContinue reading “Cranberry Feta Pinwheels”