3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Good morning, creators! If it’s not morning when you’re reading this, don’t worry. These pancakes are so incredibly easy and delicious that you will want to make them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is likely that you already have all of the ingredients you need in the house. These pancakes are not only easy, but alsoContinue reading “3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes”

Art + Eat: Greek Yogurt Finger Painting

Who likes painting? Who likes snacking? Today’s post combines two of the world’s most wonderful activities! Greek yogurt finger painting is both a fun activity, and a colorful, nutritious snack. You will only need two ingredients: White Greek yogurt (plain, vanilla, honey, or coconut) Food Coloring (a pack of 4 colors should only cost aroundContinue reading “Art + Eat: Greek Yogurt Finger Painting”

The Mediterranean Burrito

Many of you have had a classic bean and cheese burrito originating from Mexico. All the fillings wrapped up snug in a tortilla, it is always a favorite. Today’s recipe is the burrito with a Mediterranean twist. Mediterranean means coming from the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, such as southern France, Italy, and Greece. ThisContinue reading “The Mediterranean Burrito”

Nutty Crunch Fruit Dip

  Today’s recipe is quick, crunchy, and delicious! Keep reading for a simple creation that can be used as a colorful breakfast, or filling summer snack. You will need four ingredients… 1. NUTS. Any nuts will do, our favorites are almonds and walnuts. Nuts are packed with protein, which means they keep you feeling full and readyContinue reading “Nutty Crunch Fruit Dip”