Easy Esquites

Do you love the taste of elote? I do too! Esquites is a traditional Mexican dish that has many properties similar to elote but in a salad form! This easy esquites recipe is a great way to eat extra servings of vegetables throughout your day, and it tastes amazing by itself or in a variety of other dishes!

What is Esquites?

Esquites is a traditional Mexican street food made with corn, cotija cheese and a delicious blend of spices including chili powder. Normally this tasty snack is served in a disposable cup, making it easily portable and an extremely popular street food.

If you are familiar with elote then you have already had a taste of what esquites has to offer! Elote has a very similar flavor profile but is served on the cob rather than in a cup.

To learn more about esquites, vist Amigo Foods‘ article on equites, its origins and several traditional ways of preparing the dish!

This esquites recipe makes a great taco filling!

Why This Recipe is Easy To Make

This recipe is extra-easy to make, plus it’s great for when you are on a budget! The bulk of this recipe comes from canned items such as canned corn and canned black beans which adds to the convenience of making this dish.

When we can incorporate ingredients that we already have in our pantries it not only helps cut down on food waste, but it also helps us stay on our grocery budgets.

Here at Kids Create Utah we have many recipes that include canned items, so feel free to check out some of the recipes listed below to discover if you can make some healthy recipes with what you already have on hand!

This recipe can be stored in the fridge for later use!

Esquites Recipe

This recipe is a fun twist on traditional esquites. The black beans provide protein and fiber, while the red bell pepper packs healthy vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C. What other healthy ingredients would you add to this recipe? Have fun experimenting!

-Captain Create

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