Harvest Of The Season

Harvest of the Season Recipe: Cheesy Ratatouille Pasta

Who here loves cheese and pasta? I do! This cheesy ratatouille pasta is being served in different schools across Utah, and this is your chance to snag this great recipe from Utah Agriculture in the Classroom for free!

The Origins of Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a traditional French dish that has become popularized throughout many parts of the world, and for good reason! It traditionally is made from Summer squashes and vegetables, making it a flavorful vegetable-heavy dish.

This dish was popularized by French farmers that needed to use up their end-of-season Summer harvest. This dish is not only delicious, but also is resourceful and reduces food waste. We can follow the same principle by using our excess vegetables in this dish.

To learn more about ratatouille, its origins and how it was popularized visit Gambero Rosso’s article.

Cheesy Ratatouille Pasta Recipe

This recipe is a fun twist on a traditional ratatouille dish and it’s inexpensive to make. It’s full of vegetables like eggplant, yellow squash and onion! MyPlate recommends that adults get 2.5-4 cups of vegetables a day, and kids get 1-2.5 cups a day depending on gender and age. If you want to learn more about the MyPlate vegetable group the USDA has a great interactive page that’s easy to learn from.

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