Bamboo and Kale Spring Rolls

How do you feel about trying new foods? This kale and bamboo spring rolls recipe may sound far fetched, but let’s dive into each ingredient and you can decide if you want to try this for yourself and your family!

New Ingredients and New Possibilities

I remember the first time I tried canned bamboo shoots. I was at my favorite Thai restaurant and I saw them floating in my curry. To say the least I was skeptical and even considered asking for a new entrée.

I tried the bamboo and I was amazed by the texture and flavor! Bamboo shoots are fibrous, so they were a delicious crunch in my curry. They also absorbed all the yummy curry juices, which made them so flavorful! To this day my favorite part of that entrée still is the bamboo.

Now when I cook I look for recipes that can include bamboo shoots! Trying this new ingredient opened up new possibilities for my cooking and eating.

You can make these bamboo and kale spring rolls so easily at home!

The Health Benefits of Unique Ingredients

Bamboo shoots may not be the only thing in this recipe you feel unfamiliar with. This recipe includes ground ginger and kale too!

  • Bamboo shoots: Bamboo shoots are often canned and can be found in the international isle of many grocery stores. They are inexpensive and have insoluble fiber. This type of fiber helps with our digestion.
  • Kale: Kale is a leafy green that is often referred to as a super food, but many have not tried it because it is known to be bitter when not prepared properly. The reason why it’s called a super food is because it is full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K and even a hint of calcium! Calcium in notable amounts is unusual to find in the plant world, which makes this vegetable extra special.
  • Ginger: Ginger is a root that is often ground or chopped finely to be used in many dishes for it’s intense, aromatic flavor. Ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which helps our bodies fight off sickness and disease.

To learn more about other unique food items and their benefits, visit MyPlate’s website.

Frying Vs Baking

Often spring rolls, wontons, eggrolls and other delicious recipes tell you to fry them. Did you know that all of these recipes can be baked and still achieve a crispy exterior?

It’s true. This spring roll recipe uses baking and still achieves a golden brown exterior that is very crispy. The benefits of baking instead of frying include using significantly less oil. This means that your oil supply will last longer, and you’ll be doing your body a favor by avoiding excess fats and calories in your cooking.

Bamboo and Kale Spring Rolls Recipe

This recipes is so delicious. The bamboo absorbs the flavors of the ginger and soy sauce, which creates a delicious recipe that I now want to share with all my friends and family.

I hope you enjoy trying new ingredients and discover that you can bake your favorite fried foods!

-Captain Create

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