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Affordable Gardening Update: Oregano Alfredo Whole Wheat Pizza

Garden fresh oregano is fragrant and delicious! If you like Italian seasonings and spices, it’s likely that you also will love the taste of oregano in this whole wheat pizza recipe.

Italian seasoning often is made with dried oregano, basil, thyme and more. In this delicious pizza recipe oregano is infused into the crust and used as a topping! If you like unique, cheesy, flavorful pizza, this recipe is for you.

Have the desire to grow a garden, but don’t have the space or a large budget? Follow along with Captain Create this Summer to learn money saving gardening tips. At the end of the harvest, we will learn to cook healthy meals with what grew!

The oregano on this pizza makes such a tasty topping!

Dealing with the Heat

Has your garden this year been hit by the 100+ degree weather? Mine sure has.

Leafy plants that are no longer producing like my strawberries and cilantro have withered away, but my oregano is holding strong! Oregano is drought resistant, which makes it a perfect herb to grow during extreme heat.

Oregano in the heat

From the Garden to a Healthy Recipe

When gathering garden produce it may be tricky to know exactly which kind of recipe to use your hard-earned produce in. Here at Kids Create Utah we have so many healthy recipes to choose from that can use garden produce!

Recipes like homemade pizza are easy to make when you have a random assortment of produce and toppings. With Create Better Health’s three ingredient pizza dough, it’s easier than ever to make a quick, delicious healthy pizza!

This pizza recipe was created from things I found in the bottom of my fridge drawer and from the garden. If you have some random ingredients in your fridge that needs to be used before they go bad this pizza recipe is a great way to use them up.

Customizing Your Eating to Your Needs

I love that this recipe can be customized. While making the pizza dough I substituted the self rising flour for whole wheat flour and used a low fat alfredo sauce that I like a lot more than traditional pizza sauce.

When making healthy recipes it’s important to include healthy ingredients that suit your taste preferences. This makes eating healthy a whole lot more enjoyable. For example if you love tomatoes, add tomatoes to your pizza! Here are some healthy topping ideas that you may already have on hand:

  • Canned non-fat chicken breast
  • Lean ground turkey
  • Beans (black, kidney, etc.)
  • Tomatoes
  • Bell peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Onion
  • Canned vegetables such as canned corn
  • Canned pineapple in 100% juice
  • Low sodium, no sugar added tomato sauce
  • Queso fresco
  • Low fat mozzarella cheese

Garden Update

Here is a snap shot of how the garden is going! When gardening out in the hot Summer sun it becomes a sweaty workout. To learn more about family-friendly exercise ideas visit our Instagram or Facebook about our Your Choice Your Move initiative!

The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen!
The basil has recovered since the last leaf harvest

Oregano Alfredo Whole Wheat Pizza Recipe

I hope that you enjoy this delicious pizza recipe at home!

-Captain Create

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