Recipe of the Week: MyPlate Snackle Box

Have you heard of a “snackle box” before? It’s such a fun creative way to snack! This snackle box includes all the MyPlate food groups and is great for snacking on the go when your out being active.

The Snackle Box

A snackle box is a converted tackle box that can hold snacks! If you don’t have a tackle box a craft organizer or plastic container works too. Just remember to deep clean any container if it’s been used for anything other than food (nobody wants fish bait in their snacks).

This recipe is great for picky eaters that don’t like their food to touch. It’s also a colorful and inviting way to encourage kids to eat healthy!

Snacking on the Go

Sometimes when we are traveling or out doing Summer activities it can be easy to swap healthy snacks for more convenient, travel friendly unhealthy snacks. This snackle box idea is a great way to make healthy snacks more portable and accessible while your out on the move.

I seriously love this snackle box idea!

The MyPlate Food Groups and Exercise

Fueling during activity and exercise is very important. When you eat from every MyPlate food group you can enjoy a wide range of benefits!

  • The vegetable and fruit group provide vitamins, minerals and fiber that helps our bodies function properly. Fiber helps our digestion, and vitamins/minerals help our bodies protect us against sickness.
  • The dairy food group provides calcium. Calcium helps our bones and teeth maintain their strength and health. Weight bearing and impact exercise helps our bones maintain their strength.
  • The protein food group helps our muscles grow and maintain strength. Exercise also helps our muscles to stregthen. Strong muscles helps us to function during our day to day activities.
  • The grain food group provides fiber and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates is our body’s preferred fuel source for short-term energy needs, which includes exercise!

Each food group is important for daily activities and exercise. As you make your snackle box use the time as an opportunity to teach your friends and family about the health benefits of each group!

If you struggle coming up with fun ways to be active and get moving this Summer visit our Instagram or Facebook for family friendly ways to be active with Your Choice Your Move.


I absolutely love the idea of the snackle box because of its convenience and how cute it is! There are so many different food items you can put in a snackle box and you can adjust this recipe to your taste preferences. To keep it a “MyPlate Snacklebox” remember to include at least one food item from each food group. Enjoy!

-Captain Create

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