Harvest Of The Season

Harvest of the Season Recipe: Peach and Turkey Ham Flatbread

This peach and turkey ham flatbread recipe is so delicious and nutritious! Discover why whole wheat is great for our bodies and how to make this recipe with extra nutrients!

Utah-Made Whole Wheat

The three components of grain is the bran, germ, and endosperm. Different kinds of flour have different manufacturing processes. All-purpose flour, also known as white or refined flour, is made from wheat without bran. Whole wheat flour is made with the entire grain.

The Utah Farm Bureau Federation is great at explaining how grain in Utah is processed:

“Bread flour is made from winter wheat which is rich in protein due to winter wheat’s long growing cycle and exposure to winter temperatures.  Hard-crust breads, decorative breads, and pasta are often made from this strong flour.

All-purpose flour is made from a blend of winter wheat (high protein) and spring wheat (lower protein) flours.  It has a medium protein content which makes it suitable for baking a variety of things like cookies, rolls, and pizza dough.”

Growing and processing grain is a intricate and labor intensive process. The effort that goes into growing grain is well worth it when it feeds the mouths of so many!

This recipe can be made with whole wheat!

Nutrition Benefits of Whole Wheat

The three components of a grain is the bran, germ, and endosperm. These components have vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fiber helps with our digestion, and minerals/vitamins help our bodies stay healthy!

Refined grains have one or several parts of the grain removed which means all-purpose flour has less fiber, minerals and vitamins than whole wheat. Whole wheat flour and other whole grain products are healthy options to add to our diets.

Easy Nutrition Tip

Many recipes use all-purpose flour as their main ingredient. While this flour is great for many types of food, there’s an easy way to increase the nutrition of these recipes!

To easily add extra nutrition to your diet, consider swapping 100% all-purpose flour for a 50% all-purpose flour and 50% whole wheat flour mix. Usually this doesn’t change the recipes texture too much, and it helps add fiber and nutrients to our diets!


This tasty dish from Utah Agriculture in the Classroom includes whole wheat flour and is a great addition to anyone’s recipe book. While you prepare this dish with your family or by yourself take time to remember how whole wheat flour is made and how it will help your body!

-Captain Create

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