Harvest Of The Season

Harvest of the Season Recipe: Peachy Sheet Pan Pancake

Want the sweet, yummy taste of a pancake? We have the recipe for you! These peachy sheet pan pancakes are easy to make, have lots of delicious fruit and can feed the whole family.

Fruit in Season

Did you know that eating fruit in season is great for our bodies, and our budgets? Fruit in season is less expensive in comparison to other times of the year. During peak growing season the freshness of produce will go up, and the price typically goes down.

I love that strawberries are in season right now, and peaches are on the horizon! Peaches are in season starting in July and ending in October. Peaches are a great staple for breakfasts, snacking, and healthy desserts. Make sure to keep an eye out for the impending peach season!

Peachy Sheet Pan Pancakes

Utah’s Famous Fruitway

Near Brigham City, Utah there is a place called “Utah’s Famous Fruitway”. The Fruitway runs along Highway 89 and is comprised of many fruit stands run by local farmers. Starting in July these fruit stands have an array of locally grown fruit, including peaches!

If you get the chance to visit Northern Utah this Summer visit the Fruitway! I plan to visit this year and document it on our Instagram and Facebook.

Buying local Utah produce not only increases the amount of healthy food in our homes, but it also supports local farmers which helps Utah’s economy. Visit Box Elder County has a great post about Utah’s Famous Fruitway if you would like to learn more and visit in the near future!

Peachy Pancake Recipe

Today’s peachy pancake Harvest of The Season recipe is provided by Utah Agriculture in The Classroom. It is a delicious take on a traditional pancake. I hope you enjoy exploring recipes with in-season fruit!

-Captain Create

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