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Affordable Garden Update: Watering

Have the desire to grow a garden, but don’t have the space or a large budget? Follow along with Captain Create this Summer to learn money saving gardening tips. At the end of the harvest, we will learn to cook healthy meals with what grew!


Is hydration essential for us to live and be healthy? It sure is!

This post is centered around watering our plants to help them stay healthy and growing properly, but it is important to remember to keep yourself hydrated too! Proper hydration keep our whole body functioning the way it should.

Have you ever been outside on a hot day and began to sweat? I sure have! Staying hydrated helps us to produce sweat, which cools us off when it evaporates off our skin.

When we are active it’s extra important to stay hydrated. Being properly hydrated during exercise will help keep our body temperature regulated and our muscles working correctly.

While your watering your garden remember to get yourself a glass of water! Gardening is a form of exercise so it’s important to keep yourself hydrated, especially when it’s hot outside.

Drink a glass of water while you water your plants!

Watering the Garden

Just like how we need water to stay healthy, plants need water to stay healthy too!

Different plants have different watering needs. A great resource for learning about specific plant watering needs is Utah State University Extension’s post on irrigation. This article also includes information about drip irrigation, but you can scroll past that if you want to read specifically about your plant’s watering needs.

While watering try to water the dirt surrounding the plant rather than the leaves of the plant. Some plants are prone to disease, fungus, and pests that like to grow on wet, moist leaves. Watering the dirt surrounding the plant helps bring the water closer to plant roots, and it reduces the likelihood of disease.

Watering is a regular part of gardening, and it’s likely you will be outside watering every or every-other day. Take this opportunity to enjoy your time being active outside, and remember to drink water as you’re watering your plants!

Money Saving Tip: Educate yourself on your plant’s watering needs to increase the chances of better yields!

Next Week

Next week will feature an update on the starts that were grown several weeks ago. I linked the previous affordable gardening posts if you missed any. I hope you enjoy being active and gardening this week!

-Captain Create

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