Harvest Of The Season

Harvest of the Season Recipe: Korean Beef Bowls

Need a flavorful idea for tonight’s dinner and meals to come? Try this amazing Korean beef bowl recipe from our friends at Utah Agriculture in the Classroom!

Nutritious and Delicious

This Korean Beef Bowl not only packs a lot of flavor, it’s nutritious! Between the carrots, cucumber and rice, the fiber in this dish starts to add up. Grains like rice are a great source of carbohydrates, which helps give our bodies energy throughout the day to function and play!

Protein from the beef in this dish is great for keeping our muscles healthy and strong. There are plant based sources of protein and animal based sources. Beef comes from cows which means it’s an animal based source!

Between the fiber and protein in this dish, this recipe has a great chance of keeping you full.

Korean Beef Bowl

Easy Meal Prep

Having healthy, filling foods on hand is an important part of making healthy eating choices!

Meal prep can be intimidating, especially when we try prepping every meal all at once. An easy way to save money and time in the kitchen is making extra of one meal, and saving the rest for later.

Portioning out leftovers from this Korean beef bowl recipe is a great way to try meal prepping. It will save time and help increase healthy food options for you and the family throughout the week!


For this recipe and others, visit Utah Agriculture in the Classroom’s site! Kids throughout Utah in school lunchrooms are trying this recipe, if you want to give it a try at home use this recipe!

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