Recipe Of The Week: Pico De Gallo with Radishes

Have you ever made radish pico de gallo? It’s national salsa month, which means it’s time to celebrate by making fun and creative salsa recipes! Radishes are in season, so lets learn how to use them!

All About Pico De Gallo

Pico de gallo is a traditional Mexican salsa typically made with tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, lime and onion. Pico de gallo is part of a rich Mexican history, tracing back to ancient Aztec cuisine.

This recipe has a vibrant taste, especially when you sink your teeth into a bite filled with lime juice and jalapeño! The colors of pico de gallo mirror its vibrant taste. Traditional pico de gallo is bright green, red and white, which is why it is sometimes called salsa bandera, meaning flag salsa because of it’s similarity to the Mexican flag.

To learn more about pico de gallo, its origins and how to make traditional Mexican pico de gallo, visit Na’atik Language and Culture Institute’s post!

A tasty look at the radish pico de gallo recipe

Radishes are in Season!

Radishes are in season during Spring and Fall. They are a cool weather crop and can become bitter if grown during Utah’s hot Summer months.

Including radishes in your snacks and meals can be a great way to add bulk without adding lots of extra calories. One full cup of radishes is just 19 calories! This is because radishes are full of fiber, including soluble and insoluble fiber (fiber that enters the blood stream vs fiber that stays in the GI tract).

To learn more about the wonderful world of radishes and to find more recipes that feature radishes, visit the USDA’s SNAP-Ed Connection post! Radishes are part of the MyPlate vegetable group, which should add up to a little more than a quarter of your plate.

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The Recipe

I hope you enjoy this delicious twist on traditional pico de gallo! It quickly has become one of my favorite recipes to share with family and friends. The written recipe is included below, as well as our Instagram post showing how it is served, enjoy!

-Captain Create

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