Recipe of the Week: Colorful Eggs Goldenrod

This fun recipe is a great family activity and way to use Easter leftovers!

Dyeing easter eggs has always been an Easter tradition in my family. We love to dye the eggs the night before the Easter Bunny comes, and then use the colorful eggs for eggs goldenrod Easter morning. I love doing this because it’s an efficient use of leftover Easter eggs, and it’s absolutely delicious!

This is BY FAR one of my favorite breakfasts. It’s creamy, flavorful, and brings me right back to my childhood.

If you’ve never heard of eggs goldenrod, the best way that I can describe it calling it an “egg gravy”.

Traditionally eggs goldenrod is made with lots of butter, white flour and whole milk. To make this recipe healthier I modified it to have less butter, more fiber with whole wheat flour, and less fat with skim milk. I genuinely love this recipe just as much as the original!

I like adding scallions and paprika to the top of my eggs goldenrod for the color and flavor. Eggs also are packed with six grams of protein per egg – that’s amazing! I know that there are a lot of expensive protein supplements on the market that try coming close to those numbers, but I find this to be a cost effective and healthier way of getting my protein in.

This recipe has been a hit so far with everyone I’ve shared it with, I hope that you have the same experience! To watch the video on how to make this, visit our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Just in case if you’d like the written recipe too, here’s one that you can screenshot. Have fun making this meal!

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