Recipe of the Week: Baked Spring Rolls

Spring is almost here, and every day the weather gets a bit warmer. Luckly it is not so hot outside that you don’t want to turn on the oven to cook dinner!

Spring is also a great time for spring rolls! Spring rolls are fun to make as a family, and there are a few different steps that can ensure everone that wants to help in the kitchen has a job to do.

Spring rolls are often deep fried if you get them from a cafe or restuarant, because it’s a quick way to cook them, but deep frying foods like spring rolls at home can be a bit more work than most people want to do, plus it adds extra fat where you don’t really need it. Baking is going to still give your spring rolls a crispy and golden crust, without the added fat!

There aren’t any rules that say what you have to put into your spring rolls, and that means you can create your very own spring rolls recipe! Captain Create has one for you to try, but feel free to switch out ingredients in the filling that you either have at home, or don’t like to eat.

Try out this easy recipe, and then find out what happens if you change some of the filling ingredients! You can make them spicy inside, add different meats, or make them vegetarian, or even really change it up and make them into pizza-filled or taco-filled spring rolls.

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