Harvest of the Season Recipe Highlight: Spinach & Mushroom Breakfast Wraps

Breakfast has often been labeled as the most important meal of the day, and that has lots of good reasoning behind it! Our friends at Harvest of the Season and Ag in the Classroom also know the importance of eating well to give your brain the power it needs to store and process all that new information students are learning every day at school.

Why would you want to eat breakfast every day before school or work?

  • Breakfast provides a boost of energy to your body to get the day started! You wouldn’t start a road trip without putting gas in your car would you? Be sure to start your day with fuel for your body too!
  • Fruits and vegetables can be important components of a balanced breakfast. Most middle school students in the United States don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, and breakfast provides a way to include more of these foods in their diet.
  • It gets our bodies going, and helps our digestive system wake up for the day to move the nutrients from what we eat into our cells for our body to use.

Look at all the things the fillings in this tasty Spinach and Mushroom Breakfast Wrap can provide for your body.

Let’s make breakfast!

This Harvest of the Season breakfast can be made for one person, or maybe your kitchen crew will be able make them for your whole school; you’re going to need lots of eggs!

This tasty wrap has easy to find and use ingredients like sliced fresh mushrooms, fresh spinach, eggs, and cheddar cheese in a whole wheat wrap. To make one for one person, cook your sliced mushrooms in a saute pan with a bit of olive oil for 2-3 minutes, then add a handful of spinach and cook until it wilts. Next add one, or two, eggs depending on how hungry you are today. Scramble the eggs, stirring the spinach and mushrooms in, and sprinkle in a pinch of salt and pepper. When the eggs are cooked, turn off the heat, stir in a big pinch of cheddar cheese, and roll it all up in a whole wheat tortilla. Breakfast is ready! Serve with a glass of milk or orange juice and you’re ready for the day.

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