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Around the World in 80 Plates: Prague, Czechia

Captain Create is back in Europe! This time she is in Czechia, in the capitol city of Prague.

Like many countries in Europe, prehistoric humans lived here as long ago as the Paleolithic era, and many different tribes, dynasties, emperors, kings, and governments have fought over and ruled this land. Currently, Czechia is a parliamentary democracy, and the capitol city of Prague is the fifth most visited European city after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome.

What will you see if you visit the 5th most visited city?

Walk across the Charles Bridge that was built in 1402, check out the architecture (it is known as the City of a Hundred Spires) with castles, cathedrals, and and Old Town Square. Prague castle was built as a fortress in AD 870, and has had almost continuous work done to it since then… that’s a long time! It will take a good walk to tour the whole castle complex.

You can also ride a bike, hike the mountain trails, ski in winter, or join the locals in their favorite sports! All these activities will require some tasty food to refuel, and there are restaurants all over. What kind of food do you think you’ll try? No matter if you choose crispy potato cakes, goulash, dumplings, or ovocn√© knedl√≠ky (fruit dumplings). Read on to learn about a traditional dish you might encounter anywhere in Prague, or visiting a family home anywhere in the countryside!

These fruit dumplings can be stuffed with any fruit you like, from plums to blueberries, and served with a bit of butter and tasty cheese. The cheeses we can get in the USA aren’t quite the same as the cheeses they serve in Czechia, but you can find recipes for fresh cheese online, or use cottage cheese as a quick and easy substitute. These might be served as lunch or dinner, but aren’t actually a dessert!

Fruit for lunch or dinner is a great option for adding vitamins, fiber, and flavor to your day, and you don’t need to fly all the way around the world to try it out! This recipe doesn’t have an exact measurement for the fruit filling, you can use what you have, fresh, canned or frozen.


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