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Harvest of the Season Recipe Highlight: Bean Burrito Bowl with Elote

Our Ag in the Classroom friends have a tasty recipe to share today, and its easy to make too! It can be made at home, or in bigger batches for parties, or eve school lunch! Its got all the good bits you usually find in a burrito, plus a tasty corn salad based on a famous street food in Mexico and the Southwest, and you can create your own burrito bowl from this easy starting recipe. What other veggies could you add? There are no rules! Tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, onions, and salsa are all options for adding more color and flavor.

The word elote translates to “corn cob”, and its served from street stands in cities all over the world, though it probably originated in Mexico with the Mayans or Aztecs, who both survived on corn in its many forms.

When corn on the cob is in season, you could make this elote recipe by grilling the cobs, then rolling the corn in the sauce and cheese. Its too cold outside right now for corn on the cob, but frozen corn is easy to find! It was harvested and frozen when the corn was in season, though, so it still has all the same nutrients and tastes great.

What about the beans? Canned beans are a time saver, but dry beans are the low-cost champions of nutrition. Create Better Health Utah has lots of good info here on working with dried beans. This recipe calls for black beans, but you can sub in any beans you like to eat like pinto, red, or you could even use lentils.

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