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Nutrition Tip of the Week: Love those Beans!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February is also American Heart Month so we’ve got some low-cholesterol recipes to share! We want to keep all the hearts in the family healthy and beating well for a long time!

Captain Create loves to eat beans! They are an excellent source of protein from plants. Beans are high in minerals and fiber without the saturated fat found in some animal proteins. Eating beans as part of a heart healthy diet and lifestyle may help improve your blood cholesterol, a leading cause of heart disease. Adding beans to your diet may help keep you feeling full longer.

This Valentines Day, share some heart healthy food with the ones you love! Get some grown ups to help you cook these tasty and easy to make bean-based recipes! Valentine’s Day Red Chili has beautiful (and vitamin filled) red beets and red beans, and is great served with cornbread.

These easy and gooey double chocolate brownies have a secret ingredient… that’s right: its beans. White beans are as full of vitamins and heart-healthy goodness as their red and black comrades, but they can easily hide in brownies! Consider adding red sprinkles, or cutting them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter.

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