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Recipe of the Week: Game Day Snacks

Today Captain Create is making easy and healthy snacks to add to any party… lots of people are watching the Super Bowl today, and its one of the biggest snack days of the year! One thing Captain Create has learned about making food for parties is that if you make it, they will eat it.

What?! Really? YES!

If there is a fruit and veggie choice out on the buffet, it will get eaten, just like the other options… So that is what Captain Create has done!

1- Instead of making a huge dish of taco dip, consider making individual bowls! These have low-sodium refried beans with taco seasoning, home-made guacamole, Greek yogurt with black pepper and lime juice, and are topped with cheese and salsa. This keeps guests from not realizing how much they are adding to their chips and accidentally eating a huge portion!

2- The Peanut Butter Board: simply smear natural peanut butter onto a cutting or serving board (its shaped like a football today) and decorate with berries, chocolate chips, and serve with sliced apples on the side for swiping up a little bit of everything. This snack gets protein from the peanut butter, and vitamins and flavor from the fruit!

3- Veggie Trays are a snack buffet must have! You can use any and all veggies, including broccoli, cauliflower, jicama, tomatoes, carrots, celery, snap peas, and a rainbow of bell peppers. Serve with tasty dip like Cottage Cheese Dip or Yogurt Veggie Dip and watch it disappear!

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