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Harvest of the Season: Breakfast Bowls for Kids to Cook!

Harvest of the Season and Captain Create have teamed up to bring an easy recipe for kids to cook on their own if they can stir and microwave by themselves that is full of vitamins, minerals, and protein!

This prep-ahead breakfast only takes a minute or two to get ready, and just over a minute to cook so it is great for busy mornings before walking or riding the bus to school. Kids can fill their jars with yummy things like potatoes, cheese, green onions, or even veggies like bell peppers, mushrooms, and diced onions. They can CREATE any breakfast they like, and cook it in the morning without using a frying pan.

Eggs have lots of good protein (7g per egg!) that can help kids grow, and it helps keep their tummies feel full for longer. Potatoes are fat and cholesterol free, and are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium. Cheese has up to 20% of their recommended daily value of calcium, no sugar, and up to 7g of protein per serving to help build muscle. What a great way to start the day! What will you CREATE for your next breakfast?

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