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Nutrition Tip of the Week: Wrap Up Lunch

Making your own lunch is are a great way to take advantage of the odds and ends in the fridge or pantry. Leftovers are easy for adults to take to work, especially if they have access to a microwave, but children tend to need cold lunches; they have a hard time microwaving last night’s dinner in the lunchroom at school. Making your own wraps is an easy way to make lunch a little more colorful, and kids can start to make their own, so they feel more independent and are more likely to eat what they have made.

It is as easy as choosing one or more foods from each food group and creating something tasty!

It may take a bit more time, and might make a bit of a mess, but letting kids make their own food is a great way to make trying new foods and new combinations a little less scary. You may need to add sprinkles the first time you make a peanut butter and banana wrap to add some fun in… and that’s ok! Create a fun environment in the kitchen, and kids will learn to love making their own food. Making lunches the night before is also a good habit to start for both adults and children if you have the chance to, because you can take advantage of leftovers, take time to be creative, and there’s no way you’ll miss the bus the next morning!

There are no rules, so feel free to CREATE your own combinations!

Not up to CREATE your own wrap right away? Captain Create has recipes too!

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