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Nutrition Tip of the Week: What Adds Up to Dairy?

Often the first thing we think of when someone mentions the Dairy Group is good ol’ milk! Which is as it should be, since the Dairy Group is named after milk, but there are more things you can do with milk than just drink it or stir chocolate into it! Let’s take a look!

What food is in the dairy group?

Dairy is an important food group! Look at all the cool things it can help your body do!

The amount of foods you need from the Dairy Group is different depending on how big your body is; kids aren’t as tall as adults, and need more calcium so their bones can help them grow in to adult sized bodies.

What foods count as a serving of Dairy? Check out this handy chart from!

Some people either don’t like, or can’t eat foods from the dairy group, but here are other ways to get all the benefits of calcium and vitamin D from your food.

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