Tip of the Week: Create a Quick Bread

Don’t have time to wait hours for a traditional bread recipe to rise? That’s when you can make a quick bread!

Just like the name says, quick breads don’t take anywhere near the time it takes for a traditional yeast bread to go from the mixing bowl to your plate! They are easy to make, easy to eat, and perfect for creating new combinations for either dinner or dessert. Anything from zucchini bread, jalapeno cheddar bread, to lemon poppyseed or dried cherry and chocolate chip bread can be made with the Create A Quick Bread handouts.

Simply gather an ingredient to two from each category below, mix them up, and pop them in the oven. This is really fun to do as a family, or with kids because they love to choose ingredients, measure, stir, and make up their own recipes. It is easy to add lots of fruits and vegetables, upgrade the flour to whole grain, or mix up new herb blends to create new flavors or secret family recipes.

One easy way to do this with kids is to group their options for each category together, and tell them how many items they can choose from each category. For example, if you were to make a sweet quick bread, you could set out choices like nuts, dried fruit, frozen fruit, or canned fruit and let the children pick two items. This means you might end up with cherry pecan bread, or just nut bread, but that’s the fun of creating your own recipes!

Cleaning up your mess while the bread bakes means all that’s left to do is enjoy your creation!

Short on time? Bake your quick bread batter in a muffin tin for 18 -20 minutes instead; its easy to share

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