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Recipe of the Week: Lettuce Free Salads

January is the month of new beginnings in the New Year, and the perfect time to try new foods! We are all back to school and work, and getting busy with creating new routines. Having tasty meals you can prep ahead and have ready in the fridge is a great way to be sure you have something healthy ready to go.

Winter is a busy season and mixing up tougher salads, ones that don’t have lettuce that wilts overnight with dressing on it, is an easy way to be sure you can get a bunch of veggies into your day without having to cook every day.

Meal planning can be a quick check in with your family, and there are jobs for everyone to make it painless to plan ahead for healthy meals all week. Amberley says she gives the inside of her fridge a quick cleaning, and her kids help by wiping the shelves clean, then they all choose what to add to the grocery list so everyone can have a meal or snack that they like during the week. There is no right or wrong way to plan menus, so create what works for your family! Want more tips? Create Better Health has a few! Click here: Menu Planning 101

Kids love to mix up salads, especially ones with a lot of color, and ones that combine something familiar with something new. Dumping, pouring, stirring, and even chopping if they’ve got the skills can help kids learn to cook and learn to be brave and try new things.

Here are three different No-Lettuce Salads you can try! Remember, you can CREATE any salad you like, even if all you do is swap a few ingredients in one of the recipes below. There are no rules! Enjoy.

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