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Healthy Holiday Snacks for a Tasty Winter Break

Winter break has started, and while some folks will spend the rest of the year in their pajamas and others have to go to work next week… EVERYONE IS GONNA NEED SOME SNACKS! Why not have fun and make some holiday themed snacks?! The holidays can bring out the kid in all of us, so gather the family into the kitchen and get creating together!

Captain Create and the folks at the blog have a collection of healthy recipes to make putting together Winter Break and Holiday Party themed snacks easy, tasty and healthy. The best trick to know when it comes to parties, snacks, and lazy days at home is that if it is out, it will get eaten.

If you leave out a dish of candy, they will eat it. if you leave out a herd of celery reindeer, they will eat it! Taking time to create tasty and healthy snacks is good for two things: kids love to help in the kitchen, and they will eat more fruits and veggies if they help make them!

All the recipes below match up to the pictures above, and if there is a recipe you’d like but you don’t see, search through this blog or the Create Better Health Blog for many more healthy recipes for snacks, salads, and meals!

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