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Recipe of the Week: Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Bacon

As the weather cools off, the veggies we have available to us change with the seasons too. This yummy veggie dish combines two of fall’s most famous foods into one tasty dish: Apples and Brussels Sprouts! There are many different kinds of apples, and you can read more on apples and where they come from here.

Brussels sprouts look like tiny cabbages, but grow on a tall leafy stalk instead.  Roasting them is an easy way to bring out all their wonderful flavors without sacrificing any nutrition they have inside. They are packed with vitamins K, A, and C, plus calcium, phosphorus, and have no cholesterol.

Choose brussels sprouts that are firm, with tightly closed leaves and bright green color. Some of the outer leaves may need to be tossed if they are damaged, and some fall off when you cut the sprouts in half. When you cook them, be sure to spread them out on the pan and don’t crowd them so that they can roast instead of steam the ones next to them. There are so many things you can roast along with the sprouts and apples, so if you think it sounds good, try it! Create your own favorite dish!

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