Tip of the Week: Safe Cooking & How to Calibrate a Thermometer

The big holiday season is coming up quickly, and that means lots of cooking, parties, and sharing food with friends and family! Serving safe food is an important goal to have all year, and especially during the holidays, so that everyone stays healthy. If you are not safe with your food, nasty little bacteria could make your food taste funny, they could make you EXTREMELY sick, and ultimately, your cooking party gets ruined. So fight that bacteria. Fight ‘BAC’!

Here are some ways to Fight ‘Bac’:

Your thermometer is an important kitchen tool anyone can use to be sure foods are cooked enough to kill the bacteria to keep them from making you, or your guests sick! Calibration means making sure that the temperatures the thermometer is showing are correct, so that you know the food really is the temperature it says it is. The easiest way to do this is to set the thermometer to freezing, which is either 32 Fahrenheit, or 0 Celsius. Many thermometers have a way to adjust them underneath the dial, and come with a wrench to make this an easy process. (Digital thermometers are a different story, and have calibration instructions with them.)

All you need is a glass of ice water and some patience!

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