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Add a Little Fright to Your Food: Halloween #myplatemyway!

Halloween is in a few short days, and its easy to add a little bit of fun and fright to the foods you are already eating! #myplatemyway means you can change up any part of your MyPlate meal for something spooky and still get in all your food groups for the day! Swap out an ordinary orange with a “pumpkin orange” (peel the orange whole and add a celery “stem”).

With a few careful and creative cuts or additions, you can transform a regular slice of toast to Halloween toast with fun colored spreads (like avocado, cream cheese, or smashed sweet potato). Pizza toast can become a Mummy Pizza with carefully placed strips of cheese and olive eyes, and candy eyeballs can be added to nearly anything for a bit of spooky fun!

Spaghetti and meatballs can become spaghetti and eyeballs with a bit of carefully placed cheese and olive slices! Carefully slice up any color olives you have, and some light colored cheese and bake your homemade, or store-bought, meatballs to melt the cheese and olives together! How can you add a little bit of this fun and spooky holiday to your #myplatemy way meals and snacks?

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