Try it out: #MyPlateMyWay

There are as many ways to create a MyPlate meal as there are people on Earth! Just like when you create a no- rules recipe with Captain Create’s handouts on other blog posts, you can create a my plate meal using what you have learned to be sure you’re getting all the food groups you need to stay healthy and keep moving!

Sometimes, a meal might have three of the five food groups, rather than all five and that is okay! Do your best to eat a variety of foods from each group over the course of the day, or week. If you miss a fruit at lunch, have fruit for dessert after dinner! no veggies at breakfast? Have veggies at lunch!

As you plan your menus, or choose what to add to your plate at each meal, remember these tips:

Menu planning as a family is a sure way to help everyone that eats at your house to build a #MyPlateMyWay meal every day! You can simply write down your favorite meals you cook as a family, and let everyone choose which day you’ll eat their favorite meal. Captain Create has a sample menu written that you can use as a starting point, and all the recipes are on CreateBetterHealth.org

Be sure to check out the Official MyPlate Website to explore each of the food groups, and to find tips, tricks, and recipes, as well as to find out more about each food group.

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