Recipe of the Week: Vegetable Farro Soup

Autumn has officially begun, and that means the beginning of one of Captain Create’s favorite seasons: SOUP SEASON! Warm days, pretty leaves, and crisp evenings make autumn ideal for serving soup for dinner. Not only can all cooks take advantage of all the harvest has to offer, cooks can also cook once and eat twice! That’s right, make a big pot of soup for dinner, serve everyone, and carefully cool and freeze the rest for another chilly night later on.

Soups are an easy way to use up odd bits and pieces of ingredients from other recipes, and they make creating a MyPlate meal a breeze. You can easily add something from each MyPlate food group to a soup! Think about a soup like minestrone; It has all 5 MyPlate food groups! (Usually we consider a tomato a vegetable because it tastes like one, but biologically its a fruit, so that’s where I used it)

What other soups can you create that have all five MyPlate Food Groups in them?

Captain Create knows that some days there is time to create in the kitchen, but other days a recipe is really helpful to get dinner on the table. Try out this tasty vegetable soup recipe with your family, and see if you can figure out which food groups from MyPlate are in this soup!

Farro, which makes up the grains group for the soup below, is a whole grain and an excellent source of vitamins, protein and fiber. It will fill you up and keep your body going all day!

If your soup is missing aMyPlate food group (like the fruit group) consider having something from that food group for dessert! There are many different ways to Create a Fruity dessert, and many tips on this blog! Search fruity dessert, and find out what you can make today.

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